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Smart CRM

No lead left behind. Our system automates where it can, creates personalized outreach via targeted lists, and reminds you to stay one step ahead on everything else.

Professional Websites

Award-winning websites that bring your brand to life online and provide a comprehensive set of tools to reach and grow your audience.

Reputation Management 

Debt Collection transaction management systems that streamline compliance, agent and client collaboration, and closings into a single ecosystem.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation platform, helps collection agencies, law firms, debt collection agents, and vendors generate inbound sales calls.

3 Reasons Our Clients Love the Platform

200+ Integrations

With our integration network in debt collections, you can easily plug-in to all your favorite tools and systems.

End-to-End Platform

The industry's most comprehensive suite of tools. Creditcoop.org makes it easy to connect all your tech under one roof.

Website Builder

Our websites give you a best-practice foundation theme that you can modify to make entirely unique to your brand

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Mobilize designed a skills based artificial intelligent agent to increase the performance of your DIRECT RESPONSE CAMPAIGN, BPO processes and CALL CENTER operations!

We specialize in replacing or supplementing the live agent environment. Our cloud-based artificial intelligent technology is truly state of the art with over 20 years of innovative development.

Let our AI (Artificial Intelligent) agent eliminate your abandoned calls and time on hold while increasing the performance of your campaign or call center!




It’s as easy as flipping a switch to convert those calls to sales!



Eliminate abandoned calls and all time on hold!

Smart companies and Enterprises choose Mobilize, the most secure and compliant Artificial Intelligent platform trusted to protect your most critical data and consumer transactions.



Our technology, experience and scripting skill leads a consumer through a clear, concise predictive conversational process. All of this without the need of a single agent.


Your customers deserve a technology that delivers a consistent, friendly and accommodating experience. Our goal is customer satisfaction and sales preservation.


Our outbound and inbound pre-qualification A.I. will dial out or will pre-qualify an inbound call. It can do the work of thousands of agents at a fraction of the cost.


Conduct highly accurate surveys, political polling, non-profit donations, compliance call recording , capture data and report on all analytics. Inbound and Outbound.


Make every customer interaction count! We deliver transactional information, shipping information, product updates and more. All of this without the need of a single agent.


Whether you are a hospital network, a debt agency, a loss prevention service, we produce amazing results for all inbound and outbound collection efforts. We also process payments in real-time!


We make it easy for Marketers and Call Centers to transform their Customer's experiences 24 x 7.

Reduce costs by 80% – Reduce license fees – Freeze new hiring – Stop new training. Never abandon any calls, and never have to over staff again!

Use Mobilize's CRM to securely store and centralize all your consumer data. Track and analyze all your sales and advertising spends. Also, use our CRM as a live agent desktop system.



What is A.I.


Save up to 80% on your call center costs!

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About Us

Mobilize designed a skills based artificial intelligent agent to increase the performance of your campaign, BPO processes and call center operations!

We specialize in replacing or supplementing the live agent environment. Our cloud-based artificial intelligent technology is truly state of the art with over 20 years of innovative development.

Contact us

1- 800-964-4592

Newport Beach California


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Our Clients Include Collection Attorneys and Debt Collection Agencies

Demanding. Exacting. Some have extensive letter libraries. Our workflow was built for them.

So if your letter library isn’t that extensive or complex, you’ll be just fine.

Some agencies mail all over the country and include a lot of states. If you’re one of them, you understand what that means to manage compliant content in 20 different versions of the same letter. Our workflow was built for this too – built to create these letters fast – built to maintain these letters over time – and built for you to see that they’re correct and compliant every time a letter passes through us.

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Debt Collection Services Provided by "5-Star" Cooperative Member Collection Agencies


 Reputation Management 

Customer Engagement Management

Content Management

Blogging Services

Digital Advertising

Customized and Prioritized SEO Audits

Social Media Marketing

 Website Design Services

Sales Lead Source Tracking

Listings Management

Graphic Design

B2B Review Management 

Professional Debt Collector Training and Certification Presented by the International Centre for Professional Collections

Digital Debt Collection Marketing

SEO Customized for Financial Services Businesses

Debt Collection Software and Service

Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative Training

Certification and Accreditation

We've compiled some of the most accomplished debt collection talent in the world. To teach and certify Professional Debt Collectors

Maybe you just want to get into the business or you are a career professional that needs a refresher, your designation, certified as a professional debt collector will open doors to you and your collections career that you never thought possible

Training programs at the PDCC provide an opportunity to be recognized as a professional. Certified and compliant by not only the Cooperative, but also the International Center for Professional Collections. Completion of this program offered by the PDCC gives the student accreditation as a Professional Debt Collector qualified to collect that anywhere in the world.

Trainees benefit because it instills confidence, professionalism and a sense of pride in what they're doing as a profession. Your employees will know that you want them to succeed and that being a certificated professional creates a motivated and confident employee

A certified compliant Professional Debt Collector owning his or her certification as a professional creates a more productive employee that's willing to protect their newly attained status as a professional 

On-Site Professional Debt Collector Training

Online Professional Debt Collector Training

Remote Debt Collection Jobs

Business Opportunities


Need a Professional Debt Collector?

Select from our pool of expert talent, we offer Freelancers, Remote Workers, Outsourcing Solutions,  Work from home, brick and conventional business We employ professionals on call 24 hours to service your Credit and Debt Collection Needs


Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative Training Certification and Accreditation

Collector Compliance Training and Certification 

The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative proudly presents our partners and affiliates in our CCTC initiative .Cooperative member companies involved in this initiative provide some of the best available collection training, continuing education and compliance training found anywhere in the world  with the ultimate goal, Certified, thoroughly trained and Compliant as today's respected and consumer-oriented............ Professional Debt Collector

Our cooperative member and partner for compliance and certification in Professional Debt Collector Training

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Professional Debt Collector Compliance Training and Certification

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      how to start a collection agency








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Content Marketing for Debt Collection Professionals

Collection Agencies, Law Firms, Creditors and Vendors of The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative offer Premium Services to Businesses Local and Nationwide

Professional Debt Collection Sales and Service 

Our Most Popular Concierge Services

Debt Collection Sales and Service

Digital Debt Collection Marketing

Professional Debt Collection Services

Payment Gateways for Debt Collectors

Premium Debt Collection Service

Cooperative Member Collection Agencies  





Online Review and Reputation Management

Blog Content Writing

Digital Debt Collection: Why It's Good for You

Nov 29, 2017 - Say goodbye to dreaded debt collection phone calls—collection agencies are starting to go digital. Read to find out why this is good news for consumers.....more


Professional Debt Collection Sales and Service

Debt Collector Compliance and Certification Training

Professional Debt Collector Staffing and Recruiting

Debt Collection Payment Processing

Collection Agency Licensing & Insurance

B2B and B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

Outsourcing Solutions

 Debt Collection Software Sales and Service


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Creditcoop.org, The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative Presents our B2B Online Review Partner

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