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All Businesses Are Going To Need A Professional Debt Collector 


Why Hire a Professional Debt Collector?

The reality is collections is necessary in keeping your business healthy and stable. Too many agencies are unfortunately not acting in their client's best interest. Most agencies look at collections as a pure numbers game with little or no regard for the reputations of their clients. They employee collectors and pay a base minimum for the industry. The objective for these types of agencies is simple, they put no research into who they are pursuing or the abilities of the debtor to pay without making unreasonable demands. This approach is a large reason there are debt collection complaints. This type of approach is inefficient and ultimately delays account resolution. The practice, as stated previously is a major contributing factor in collection complaints. The complaints in the eyes of most agencies are just part of doing business.

No need to spend time searching for a Premium Debt Collection Service

We have a solution for your credit and collections problems with a membership in the Credit Cooperative of Finance, Credit and Debt Collection :

Creditcoop.org,The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative

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Select from our pool of expert talent, we offer Freelancers, Remote Workers, Outsourcing Solutions,  Work from home, brick and conventional business We employ professionals on call 24 hours to service your Credit and Debt Collection Needs

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    • Mon, October 07, 2019 9:01 PM | Rodney Turner Sr. (Administrator)
      Credit reports are used mainly by lenders, Debt Collectors and Skip Tracers. Consumers in general have no clue how to use one. Apps like CreditKarma help to you learn about your credit profile, scores and some public records, in general personal finance apps provide a wealth of information resources to learn about, repair improve and utilize your credit wisely however, Professional Debt Collectors know that credit reports are like a treasure map, untapped riches await for you as a debt collector, if you know how to read credit reports There are lots of websites out there on credit and collections that provide us with great resources. I received the link below from a contributor and partner in a collaborative effort to bring content from all  trusted and credit and collections professionals-together to cooperatively circulate import and relevant content to each other audiences.  I particularly enjoyed what TrueCredit.com offers.

      “How To Read A Credit Report.” TrueCredit, www.truecredit.com/how-to-read-a-credit-report/


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    We've compiled some of the most accomplished debt collection talent in the world. To teach and certify Professional Debt Collectors

    Maybe you just want to get into the business or you are a career professional that needs a refresher, your designation, certified as a professional debt collector will open doors to you and your collections career that you never thought possible

    Training programs at the PDCC provide an opportunity to be recognized as a professional. Certified and compliant by not only the Cooperative, but also the International Center for Professional Collections. Completion of this program offered by the PDCC gives the student accreditation as a Professional Debt Collector qualified to collect that anywhere in the world. Learn More.....

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    The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative proudly presents our partners and affiliates in our CCTC initiative .Cooperative member companies involved in this initiative provide some of the best available collection training, continuing education and compliance training found anywhere in the world  with the ultimate goal, Certified, thoroughly trained and Compliant as today's respected and consumer-oriented............ Professional Debt Collector

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    Digital Debt Collection: Why It's Good for You

    Nov 29, 2017 - Say goodbye to dreaded debt collection phone calls—collection agencies are starting to go digital. Read to find out why this is good news for consumers.....more


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