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Professional Debt Collector Staffing and Recruiting

With the experience and help of thousands of ARM Industry Professionals, including members in credit management, credit unions, credit, debt, lending and finance.

 Recruitment Job Post $129.00

One-Time 30 day Job Post on the Job Board,  "We're Hiring" Infographic shared on Facebook and LinkedIn

Recruitment and Staffing Total Solution $99.00 monthly or $975.00 annually.

Ongoing, Recruitment and Staffing monthly for growing businesses. A billboard for your company to tell your story in our Cooperative Marketplace and attract new talent on a regular basis., The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative is a magnet for top Talent. Be found, Hire, Get Hired, Get Noticed on our cooperative platform.

SEO Service

Let us take care of your SEO needs while you focus on what matters most to you and your Agency. Outsource your SEO to one of the most trusted SEO agencies in Credit and Debt Collections found anywhere. Call for Pricing.....

Facebook & PPC Management
Full PPC Management Services for a wide variety of ad types on Google, Bing and YouTube. The  artificial intelligence, machine learning PPC algorithm is working for your clients 24/7 to get the most qualified leads, at the lowest possible cost. Call for Pricing.....

Web Design Service
Outsource your web design services to the experts, with, The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative’s design services we offer you mobile optimized, responsive web design services that will unify online branding, enhance user experience across all devices, and boost conversion rates. Call for Quote.....

Press Release Writing & Distribution Services
Get your business in front of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Call for Pricing.....

Reputation Management 

As an industry the Accounts Receivables Management  industry has a bad reputation. And, they are paying a huge price for it.  Is the reputation deserved? Yes. An industry does not get this bad a reputation without material numbers of industry members having practices which earned the industry its reputation.       

Does everyone in the industry deserve the reputation?  No, there are plenty of lenders in this marketplace that provide valued services to consumers.  They make sufficient profits to put their capital at risk. They understand their client base. Their have business models which sustain knowing that 1 in three people they contact  will never pay back the loan. Their customers are reasonably happy. They have very low complaint rates. They provide valued services to under-served communities.

The good actors have the bad actors to blame for the industry's reputation - and themselves.  Why themselves? Because they good actors did not gather together as an industry and take the systemic steps required to fix the problems themselves.  Steps which makes the bad actors easier to identify and makes it much harder for the bad actors to operate.  

The industry should be policing itself to protect its reputation - not waiting for government regulators to take enforcement actions against the bad actors.  It is not the government's responsibility to protect the industry's brand, it is the industry's responsibility. The reputation for payday lending is never going to be great, but it does not have to be evil and immoral.  

Industry reputation is important for any number of reasons but the most important reason is the negative impact a bad industry reputation has on each company's income statement and balance sheets. Valuations are lower because of poor industry reputation.  Capital costs more. There is less liquidity . Higher compliance costs. Increased litigation. Tougher to attract talent. And, at times overwhelming regulatory pressure which for many could lead to the shut down of their businesses because they cannot operate profitably.   

The next two sectors facing government rule making include the servicing of student loans and debt collection - two industries with poor reputations.  These industries would be smart to learn the lessons of the payday lending industry or they are likely doomed to similar fates.

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Collector Compliance Training and Certification

The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative proudly presents our partners and affiliates in our CCTC initiative .

Collector Compliance, Training and Certification

Cooperative member companies involved in this initiative provide some of the best available collection training, continuing education and compliance training found anywhere in the world  with the ultimate goal, Certified, thoroughly trained and Compliant as today's respected and consumer-oriented............ Professional Debt Collector




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Professional Debt Collection Services are offered by Member Agencies known as Cooperative Debt Collection Agencies and Law Firms.

Our Cooperative Member Agencies  are trusted, expert and certified compliant. Our Cooperative Collection Agencies are the best in the business.

Pricing is contingent on your specific needs, Join the Cooperative and browse our 5-Star and BBB Accredited Service Providers.

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